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Wheeee [Jul. 27th, 2008|05:37 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

I bought a bra in a normal store today, ok it was Hot Topic BUT it wasn't a plus-sized store! Which means I can now get bras for $15 instead of $36. Also I got 2 shirts while I was in there in an XL and they fit, so exciting! I was getting so sick of paying $10 more for the same shirt in Torrid as they had in Hot Topic. It was like I was paying a "fat tax" on all my clothing. I'm still fat, but I feel way better about myself and so much healthier. My boobs are a bit round for the bra, but it's a demi bra so they just kinda over fill the top but don't look bad. It's wierd that last year around this time I was like 26-27 pounds more than I am now and I am very slowly losing the weight by eating right and working out.
We still go to Cold Stone for Ice Cream once a week and Friday nights is sushi or Thai night. Which really helps me since I know I am getting a "treat" once a week which keeps me on track.

[User Picture]From: vampurgatori
2008-07-28 09:29 pm (UTC)
We have a bad habit of getting tempura filled sushi, and some sort of fried app to go with it, but we are planning on making better choices next time :D
The only really good ice cream place we have to go is Cold Stone. Otherwise it is places like Friendly's which makes us shit our pants. I like Cold Stone since they have a fat free ice cream and a dark choclate one, which are way lower calorie content than normal ice cream, and I can get stuff mixed in. When you grow up with your parents owning an ice cream store you like interesting flavors more.
I haven't lost like any weight in my boobs...yet. I also am starting out at a much higher weight than you and have way more to lose, so just wait a while and they will get smaller. When I was at my lowest weight my boobs were like a large C, small D. Right now I wear a 38 D,and they are overfilling the cups a bit, so hopefully they won't go down much since I got used to bigger ones and they are just better.
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